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Saturday, December 1, 1990

What The Hell Is This?

Back in the mid 80's a bunch of us worked at Weis Markets together. Is was probably around 1987 that we started playing some statistical sports games on the computer using real life player stats. We played NFL, College Football, Basketball, Baseball and even Hockey. The games were put out by Lance Haffner. If you google it I think his company is still around today.

Anyway in or around 1988 we started playing fantasy football and baseball using the stats from the USA Today. We used a very basic scoring method and had a ton of fun. The Weis League turned into a mix of Weis and Dave's Firemen co-workers and it turned into the Woody Cup.

This website is devoted to the 20+ years of fantasy sports that we played together with the hopes that we continue the friendship for another 20+ years.